Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Wishes and Grateful Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance

Hi Inger-Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know that at last my husband Tom and I are back home in Scotland. We arrived back on Wednesday evening the 24th tired and very weary after a 28 hour travelling day.

Our experience with the insurers was fraught with difficulties, and at one point they had closed the case, and only after I got our daughter in Scotland to phone them in Chicago did they begin to get their act together. However, I will formally complain AFTER we get the settlement of our claim!!

We would like once more to extend our thanks and appreciation for all your help, advice, motivation and compassion, which was of tremendous help to me in particular. Knowing there was someone out there who cared and communicated regularly, was like having an angel on my shoulder at all times.

You can be sure that your praises have been sung to all who would listen, and I for one will never forget the blessing of having your help at this time.

We enjoyed our visit to Pearl Harbour, it was quite a somber yet fascinating visit. The many exhibits were well done, and it brought home to all what a price was paid for freedom. We also did an island tour, visiting many beautiful bays and country areas, including the Dole Pineapple estate which had been established there many decades ago. Too bad they were too sweet for Tom to taste!! Our time in Honolulu was pleasant, though for the life of me I couldn’t quite get into holiday mode. However, health comes before holidays every time, and God willing there will be other holidays I am sure.

My husband has just come in to tell me that you or someone from your office had telephoned him to ask how he was doing. How wonderful. We are truly overwhelmed with the extent of your care and concern.

Once more my sincere thanks for all your help. We wish you well in the work you continue to do, and if we are ever in Florida, maybe we can meet you sometime – or better still if you ever come to Scotland we would be delighted to have the pleasure of meeting you here.

Best wishes and grateful thanks once more

Eleanor C.