Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Heart Felt Thank You to Trinity Air Ambulance

Hi Meg,
Thanks for the e-mail.
I am doing well thanks and being treated by doctors in Brazil. The evolution is very good and I hope to return to regular activities in 2 or 3 months. I must thank all TRINITY staff for the amazing support while I was in USA.
You are all in the deep of my heart.


September 11, 2013

Hi Lisa,
How are you?

I always remember you and I am writing to you to tell you how grateful I am concerning all your support and attention. You know, I’m very happy now although still traumatized as well as my kids. For me it was too tough to deal with all problems I had to face during our vacation in USA: 10 days in ICU at Jackson Hospital with Pier sedated + 06 days in standard room at Jackson + 07 days in a standard Hospital room in Brazil + Home care treatment Pier is still receiving and will continue for at least one more month. Lisa , I learned a lot and one thing is that God always sent me some help , some special person, who in the worse moment appeared to help me and show me the way to follow and you are certainly one of them…… your sensitivity and kindness were outstanding and you will be always in my heart. Now I’m trying to come back to normal life, working a lot to compensate all time we were out of our companies. I will take some pictures of us to send you soon. I also would like to send an e-mail to doctor Levy in order to update the information and thank him for everything. Do you have his e-mail? Hope one day to meet you personally in Brazil! You will be our guest!
Please send our regards to your team, they were fantastic!
God bless you all!
My best regards,