Saturday, December 21, 2013

All the Very Best of the Holiday Season!

Darren "Cos" & Sara Boarding Trinity Air Ambulance

Hello, over the past several years I have been sharing some updates on Darren’s progress through various health issues. I am sharing this below with you also, as there is now an extended group of supporters in this journey. I did want you to be aware of the praise I continue to share related to our experience with Lisa and the Trinity air ambulance team.

Before I begin, please know that Darren (“Cos”) is now back at home in Wpg, recovering extremely well – truly a Christmas miracle.

On the first day (Friday Dec 6) of our vacation in Cozumel, Cos took to the water for some snorkeling. A few minutes into our light swim, Darren suffered SCD (sudden cardiac death). No warning, an electric ‘shut off’ of the heart function so to speak.

With a competent case manager pushing for action, events progressed to having Cos Lear jetted to Miami via air ambulance, within 14 hours of the incident. In Miami prognosis continued to improve. Cos was out of a coma and decided to pull out his respiratory tube by Saturday night. All tests came back with favorable trending. Organs were getting to near normal levels…including the kidneys, liver and heart as well as no signs of brain damage. Recovery continued in Fort Lauderdale, in an oceanfront hotel room. Cos enjoyed the sound of the ocean and opportunity for more sunlight in the room.

Thank you Trinity air ambulance for your safety record and for your willingness to host us for a tour before taking Darren home! (picture attached).

Boarding Trinity Air Ambulance

Trinity Air Ambulance with Darren and Sara

All the very best of the holiday season!