Sunday, November 15, 2015

Antananarivo to Johannesburg

"Good Morning,

Also I wanted to say thank you to Ingrid Lisa, Dylan, Deverene and Thomas for all your help this weekend. I am  not sure if you could tell but this was my first weekend on call with the company. I am so thankful that you all were there to be so supportive and helpful it made my job less stressful. Please email me if there is any suggestions/tip or pointers that you would recommend I do differently for our next interactions. I know I called and emailed a lot so please don’t hesitate to give me any constructive criticism. I have done a few evacs but only during “business hours” and have never completed one top to bottom until this weekend. My Kaiser case is still a huge undertaking and the evacuation was a delicate and difficult situation to say the least."

-Misty, RN
Akeso Care