Monday, November 16, 2015

Team of compassionate peaple


As you all may be aware by now, our guest that was admitted overnight in the Medical Center, suffered a Cardiac Arrest this morning just prior to the medical disembark.

As the Medical Officer at the bedside at the time of the event, I wish to recognize and give thanks to my peers involved.

The entire Medical Department , the Trinity Air Ambulance Crew, and the Jamaican Ground Ambulance crew.  Immediate recognition, prompt intervention, and a coordinated/collaborative effort, truly saved a life this morning!  The response of the on-board Care Team to provide assistance to the spouse and the Security Officers involved in clearing the gangway, made for a quick and seamless emergency medical disembark.

Our patient was successfully resuscitated, and was disembarked awake, alert, and by latest report, arrived safely in Miami, albeit in Critical Condition.

Again, many thanks to all!

Ray Rasmussen, RN
Medical Officer