Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank You

Dear Trinity Air Ambulance,

My husband, Earl, and I would like to thank your company for the excellent job you did air lifting us from Grand Cayman to Ft Lauderdale Memorial Hospital on Dec 27, 2014. Earl had a heart attack, among other problems,

Your employees . . . . namely the paramedics that cared for Earl, were excellent and very professional. They kept us informed the entire time with what was, and would, be happening during our flight. They made this experience very comforting for us. The pilot and his co-pilot were very helpful as they guided us through this process. When we landed in  Ft Lauderdale the paramedics stayed with us until Earl was prepared for surgery. This would have been very scary if we had to this ourselves.

Earl had his second stent put in Monday, Jan 19. He is now home and is doing very well.

I'm sorry I've taken so long in expressing our thanks to you, but we have been busy preparing for this surgery for his second stent and have had little else on our minds. With that said . . . . we will be eternally thankful for all your company did for us. Thanks, hardly seems adequate.


Earl & Rosie Loveall