Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance, from Colombia

Trinity Air Ambulance at MediHelp

 Hola Lisa and the Trinity Team,

We, and also the medical staff of MediHelp, want to extend our sincere thanks for the great job of your team yesterday in transporting Maurice Marshall back to the States. Everything came off as planned and working with you and your team from the beginning was a great experience. Andy and the others were great during the planning process and we were updated as the flight was en route. Victor and Tom were true professionals in everything that they did. They were extremely thorough, professional, compassionate and friendly. From the moment they arrived they were focused on the patient to ensure that he was well taken care of and comfortable. They worked closely with the hospital medical staff to learn all about the condition of the patient and engaged them to help ready the patient to leave. Victor also reviewed the case with the hospital doctor to ensure they had all of the details. The hospital staff was very impressed with how respectful and considerate Victor and Tom were of the care that the hospital had been providing. All of this resulted in the patient feeling comfortable, well taken care of and transferred in a timely and effective manner.

After they left, the doctor and medical staff all commented, “Wow, that was a great group and we hope that we have an opportunity to work with them again!” They were also very appreciative of the bags and donuts that were brought for them. A professional touch that demonstrated Trinity’s care and respect for all aspects of the patient’s care and caregivers. (Unfortunately, not the same characteristics that have been shown by other air ambulance crews who have provided services in the past.)

Thanks again and we, as well as the hospital, hope that should patients need to be medically transported in the future, we can assist and work with you and your team again. I’ve attached some pictures from yesterday.


D. & B. W.

Trinity Air Ambulance with MediHelp Nurses