Friday, November 9, 2012

Medical Escort: Portugal to Miami

Thanks Andy!

Jack is slowly regaining his strength, and we are just waiting to see a cardiologist for further treatment.

Please let me express our heartfelt thanks to Jennifer for all of her efforts on Jack’s behalf. She was such a wonderful nurse, totally professional, and had such a great calming personality. I believe had she not arrived when she did to rescue us, I would have surely lost my sanity.

In addition to her top-notch care of Jack she was also such a great source of comfort to me. I cannot imagine a better person to work with during this horrible situation than Jennifer. I will always be most grateful for her presence.

Special thanks to your driver who even led us onto the proper freeway so that we could get home and not get lost.

Thanks to all at Trinity for your excellent service and for bringing us home!!!

Nancy and Jack