Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ABC NEWS 10 - Manatee Rescued from Cayman Islands

Jeff Weinsier, Dwight Lauderdale, and Laurie Jennings

Trinity Air Ambulance ABC News

Trinity Air Ambulance assisted in rescuing a rare baby Caribbean Manatee from the Cayman Islands. The baby manatee was flown to his new home, the Lowry Park Zoo, in Tampa, Florida. When Trinity received a call for help to save this infant manatee, they immediately volunteered. Thank you to all the volunteers from the Cayman Islands and in the U.S. for all their support. A big thanks to Jeff Weinsier and camera-man Frank at Local 10 News.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A&E Television Series ‘Intervention’

Trinity Air Ambulance on A&E
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In 2005 Trinity was contacted by the producers and creator of Intervention to donate Medical Escort assistance for their clients. Trinity has donated both Air Ambulance and Medical Escort services for multiple episodes of A & E’s Intervention series in 2005 and 2006. Inger Lisa Skroder MN ARNP, Edward Bello, RN and Tor Skroder, RN volunteered as Nurse Escorts during the filming of several episodes, assisting men and women safely to treatment facilities. Trinity is excited to be a part of this “life changing” program.

Season 1 – Episode 11 “Rachel” - Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 15 “Audrey” - Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 19 “Kristen” - Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 21 “Billy” - Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 25 “John” - Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 26 “Follow-Up on Rachel” - Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 27 “Tammi and Daniel” - Inger Lisa
Season 2 – Episode 28 “Mike and James” - Tor
Season 2 – Episode 29 “Tim” - Edward
Season 2 – Episode 30 “Betsy” - Marlene
Season 2 – Episode 34 “Lauren” - Inger Lisa