Sunday, November 22, 2015

Santa Marta to Bogota, COL

Dear Thomas,

A big thank you to yourself and Sandra!  You guys have been fantastic.

We too have enjoyed working with you, and will be recommending your services to our management as we have been blown away with the professional assistance received.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Kind Regards,
Laura Grigg
Case Manager

Monday, November 16, 2015

Marsh Harbor to Fort Lauderdale


Thanks for all your help getting Poppa Marks over to Miami. I never chased you for follow up to flight to PA as Dr’s refused to release him due to his condition.  He ended up having emergency surgery on a ruptured disk.

 Thanks again for your excellent help, I actually am adding you are our premier ambulance service, I am one of the leading providers on marine insurance on east coast…So if you see your name affiliated with Marks Marine Insurance, or or

You know where it came from!

Safe Travels,

Kenneth A Marks

Team of compassionate peaple


As you all may be aware by now, our guest that was admitted overnight in the Medical Center, suffered a Cardiac Arrest this morning just prior to the medical disembark.

As the Medical Officer at the bedside at the time of the event, I wish to recognize and give thanks to my peers involved.

The entire Medical Department , the Trinity Air Ambulance Crew, and the Jamaican Ground Ambulance crew.  Immediate recognition, prompt intervention, and a coordinated/collaborative effort, truly saved a life this morning!  The response of the on-board Care Team to provide assistance to the spouse and the Security Officers involved in clearing the gangway, made for a quick and seamless emergency medical disembark.

Our patient was successfully resuscitated, and was disembarked awake, alert, and by latest report, arrived safely in Miami, albeit in Critical Condition.

Again, many thanks to all!

Ray Rasmussen, RN
Medical Officer

Guatemala-Miami, FL (Medical Escort)

Hello All - a quick thank you to everyone I interacted with at Trinity and especially your choice to send Eli.  In hindsight I am even more thankful for the support and attention to detail through out this often confusing process.  There were so many opportunities for crippling issues to occur as decisions were made and in actual patient transfer   The grace and poise of each of you and the thorough follow through can't be appreciated enough.
My brother is being attended to very well at Jackson Memorial - another bit of blind luck to find such a conscientious well staffed facility and I have returned to Massachusetts at least for awhile.

Thank you

All the best


Back to the UK from Florida

Hi Miguel and Stephanie,

I want to say how impressed I was with your support in escorting my sister ( Sharon Cuckson) back to the UK from Florida.

In a stressful time in a foreign country with complicated patient discharge requirements , you provided rock steady support.

A big thank you once again

Graham Wallington 

Ebola on the High Seas

'Secretary of State now on the phone with the PM.  we will know outcome shortly.
Outcome notwithstanding, we are indebted to you for your amazing partnership.  Thank you - we are so grateful for all the help you've given us.

Stay tuned."


Nassau, Bahamas to Toronto, ON (Medical Escort)

Hi Lisa, Meaghan, Ria, and Dasa

I would like to write this on behalf of my mom, dad, myself and my family to say "Thank you" for getting my mom home. I still pinch myself, because I can't believe that your company opted to provide us with the most affordable service (medical nurse accompaniment) back to Canada, instead of the air ambulance route which would've cost us so much more!

Lisa, I am so grateful for the little pep talk last Thursday (May 29th). This fellow Canadian really needed it!

Dasa was wonderful to be around; I think that if my parents could, they would adopt her! Dasa took great care of my mom and my dad, going above and beyond. She took care of everything and made our trip home a lot easier than I could've ever imagined! She made such a lasting impression with my parents, who took many pictures with her to keep as momentums.
During the day, many people asked me how I came about hiring a medical nurse to accompany us home. It's such a shame that people, including myself were not aware of this service. Knock on wood that nothing happens to us on vacation again, but I know that if I need to get home, I would inquire with Trinity Air Ambulance and their team of experts!

I know that a service was provided and this was business transaction, but I was never made to feel that this was the case. Instead I felt that your team truly wanted to get us home safely, and that everyone that I spoke to was sincere and truly cared about us.

Once again, Thank you for everything!

Best Regards,

Susan Luc

Sunday, November 15, 2015

(Grand Turk, TCI) - Miami, FL

To Everyone at Trinity Air,

Please accept this as the highest acclamation of the most unbelievable service rendered to patient Hayden Dance in his transfer to Jackson Memorial.

Not only was the service received of the highest possible order, but simple courtesy’s of constant updates were provided every step of the way.

Trinity might as well stop advertising and rely on me to single handedly accomplish that for you. Your competitors can only wish to come anywhere close to the work you do.


Colin Plotkin

Dr. Colin Plotkin

Keeping in Touch

Hi Lisa,

It has been a while. Hope all is well. I was looking through some emails and came across your address. Mr Manning has done very well throughout his convalescence. I could report that he is back in parliament not the person he used to be physically  but has remained the person he was mentally . It is quite an accomplishment. He has done very very well.

 How is business? I still have my dream to work with you one day. Let  me know when you are ready to have me. I look back at the experience with great pride. You know I will be your best employee ever.

Keep in touch and give me an update.

Megan from Washington DC

Guatemala Evac


Thank you so much for all your hard work on this case.  I do not know how you managed it, but am very thankful you did.  J  I know our insured and her family appreciate it as well.

Please forward invoice on to me. 

Thank you again,

Angi Shireman, RN
Case Manager II

Going Home to Bullalo

"Thank you so much for assisting my father in law and my family.
Great job, you certainly have a tremendous team of professionals."


Roatan, Honduras to Fort Lauderdale, FL

Good evening Meaghan

I would just like to say a sincere thank you to the Trinity Air Ambulance Team for your valuable help and support today in taking care of Jose and his family; the regular, timely updates were also very much appreciated

Thank you to you all again, wishing you a peaceful evening

Best regards

Karen Moody
Human Resources Director, 

A Parents Thank you to the crew

Captain Joseph Tinitilli and Crew,

Saying thank you does not seem to be nearly enough to you for being a huge part of saving
our Son's life Monday July 6. You got him from a Disney cruise ship at Grand Turks airport.

His name is Thomas Keith. He is alive and doing well now, thanks to you and your crew.
He, in all probability wouldn't have made it otherwise that far away from the care he need.
He had 100% blockage in an artery. We, his parents wish to thank you for your huge part in
giving him back to us and his family. 

Very, very Grateful

Tom & Elaine Keith  

Thank You

Dear Trinity Air Ambulance,

My husband, Earl, and I would like to thank your company for the excellent job you did air lifting us from Grand Cayman to Ft Lauderdale Memorial Hospital on Dec 27, 2014. Earl had a heart attack, among other problems,

Your employees . . . . namely the paramedics that cared for Earl, were excellent and very professional. They kept us informed the entire time with what was, and would, be happening during our flight. They made this experience very comforting for us. The pilot and his co-pilot were very helpful as they guided us through this process. When we landed in  Ft Lauderdale the paramedics stayed with us until Earl was prepared for surgery. This would have been very scary if we had to this ourselves.

Earl had his second stent put in Monday, Jan 19. He is now home and is doing very well.

I'm sorry I've taken so long in expressing our thanks to you, but we have been busy preparing for this surgery for his second stent and have had little else on our minds. With that said . . . . we will be eternally thankful for all your company did for us. Thanks, hardly seems adequate.


Earl & Rosie Loveall

Thank You (Medical Escort)

Hey Lisa,
Great to hear or see that!
Again thank you.  If I ever hear of anyone needing Air Am services or this type of assistance rest assured I will highly recommend Trinity and you guys.  I am simply blown away at your attention to detail and the assistance you have provided us.  Not to mention saving us a tremendous amount of money.  I can't thank you all enough.  I hope your lives are blessed and wish for you all the very best because that's what you provide others, thank you sincerely.

Aloha, Don

Customer Service

Good day Mr. Baldwin,

Yours below well received and acknowledged.

Thank you for the immediate reply, the details provided, and the due diligence observed in doing so.

I shall be forwarding this quotation as is, as stated, to the principal for their perusal and review, and revert to you as soon as a determination has been made, as appropriate.

Once again, thank you for the cordial and immediate correspondence as necessary.


Dr. Joseph T. Sera Jose, MD
Medical Case Manager
Physician Advisor

Future Care, Inc.

Key West, FL to Toronto, Canada

Dear Maria,

Well my father is still at Etobicoke General Hospital (not happy about that). We arranged to have him sent to Sunnybrook. The team was great and I have already spoken with several people about the service and I'm sure you will get some more business. Please pass on my regards to Lisa and both Thomas's as well as the gentleman who helped us on the day.
Hope you are well and thank you for all you did.

Kindest Regards,

Hon. Alexandra Otway-Noel MP
Minister for Implementation
Government of Grenada

Antananarivo to Johannesburg

"Good Morning,

Also I wanted to say thank you to Ingrid Lisa, Dylan, Deverene and Thomas for all your help this weekend. I am  not sure if you could tell but this was my first weekend on call with the company. I am so thankful that you all were there to be so supportive and helpful it made my job less stressful. Please email me if there is any suggestions/tip or pointers that you would recommend I do differently for our next interactions. I know I called and emailed a lot so please don’t hesitate to give me any constructive criticism. I have done a few evacs but only during “business hours” and have never completed one top to bottom until this weekend. My Kaiser case is still a huge undertaking and the evacuation was a delicate and difficult situation to say the least."

-Misty, RN
Akeso Care

Vietnam to Singapore

Vietnam to Singapore
"Thank you again Lisa, Tom, Dr. Charles and the whole team. You guys are truly our Angels! My dad woke up for one minute yesterday saw us and bursted into tears! He knew we came to save him and that he is now safe and away from hell. Words cannot express our deepest gratitude to everyone that has helped us through this journey."

Saturday, November 14, 2015

MCM Guantanamo Bay

"Thank you so much for your professional help. If you have any photographs of the medical evacuation please send them. I would like to let the Navy know how we worked together to help her out."


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Greetings from North Florida!

Trinity Air Ambulance are Life Savers ! The paramedics that came with them were perfect. I know they were all paid for what they did, but they also Cared about Me, Mike and getting us home as quickly & safely as possible !! We will be forever grateful for their services.

Lorraine & Mike 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Professional and expedient help

"I have arrived at Miami. Got settled in my room at 3:30 am. Am heading back to the hospital no later than 1 PM. I wanted to thank all involved for your professional and expedient help. "

Mark H.

Keeping Client informed

Thank you very much for all of the updates on the evacuation. 

Great service as usual.


Barb Dickens RN CCM
Case Manager II

ASR Health Benefits

Cartagena, Columbia to Buffalo, NY

Hi Lisa,

Spoke to Cindy, Don Wellman’s daughter, this morning and she was so pleased that Don made it and is stable at Erie medical.  Said everything went great and that the crew was fantastic.  Said she met you there at Ft Lauderdale and much appreciated all that everyone did to make it a successful journey.  Thanks and job well done to everyone!  Yes, everyone here (and us!) also appreciated the gifts and candy!

Talk more later,


Thank you

"Thank you so much for assisting my father in law and my family.
Great job, you certainly have a tremendous team of professionals."

Jeff Huber