Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Critical Care Nurse in the Air

Meet Inger Lisa Skroder, MSN, ARNP. She currently owns and operates Trinity Air Ambulance International, a company incorporated in 1999 and based in southern Florida, which now has 12 full-time workers, a staff of 40 on-call workers, and two airplanes. Their safety records is perfect, and they have never had a patient die on board. They respond faster than any other air ambulance service in the area, especially those operated by hospitals.
What Skroder has managed to do is turn a life's passion for helping others into both a healthy business as well as a way to do something adventurous and daring. What makes her company unique, however, is that it's the only one of its kind in the area that is both owned and operated by a registered nurse. This gives Trinity an advantage, because it is run by someone who understands the needs of patients and the purpose of an air ambulance, rather than someone who views the enterprise as a business first and a life-saver second.
As a result, she has created one of the most successful ambulance services in the area. In fact, her success has led to her receiving a contract to provide air ambulance services for the island nation of Turks and Caicos in the lower Bahamas.
What, then, does this say about the potential you have if you become a critical care nurse? Well, for one, it says that you have the potential to make a huge impact in another person's life, especially if that person is in dire need of emergency medical assistance. Critical care is often a life-saving sort of care, one given to patients who must receive attention or risk serious injury or even death. When you become a critical care nurse, you take on a great amount of responsibility.
The success of Skroder's company also shows that through becoming a critical care nurse, you can achieve great things on your own behalf. Skroder has a livelihood that comes from doing what she loves. You too can earn a living by tending to your own passions, all while upholding the tenets of nursing. Critical care is the kind of care that will always be in demand, which therefore means it is possible to make something of that demand in terms of a business, or service, or product.