Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trinity Bear ready for this mission

Mission to Dominican Republic A Daughters heart felt gratitude.

Jose you ,Alex and Tom and captain Joey and Chris are an amazing Medical Team. Without your diligence and highly qualified medical staff my mom wouldn't have made it on time. I am truly grateful to all you guys have done for us. 
With Many Blessings

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Humberto is ready for this flight.

Trinity Bear is almost done changing the brakes.

Medical Escort Preflight inspection.

Where the name Trinity comes from.

The three Skroder siblings who founded Trinity Air Ambulance International,LLC.

N405GJ RED Jet #2 getting ready for flight

Trinity's Original Red Jet before we got our Lear 35's

N45AE in the tropics of Saint Vincent.

N45AE on ice in Montreal Canada

Shark Attacks Woman Snorkeling In The Bahamas « CBS CBSMIA CH4 2

Channel 7: Tourist recovering after shark attack in Bahamas thanks to Tr...

Joey Jet Pilot sharing his knowledge And Yes that is his real name.

Shark Bite Patient arrives in Florida

The Shark Bite Team

Remembering the Earthquake in Haiti Trinity Was there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


We have lift off! This was taken from our organ transplant flight we had late Monday night.

Recovery Tour

You may know that the founders of Trinity Air Ambulance International, Inger Lisa Skroder & her brother Tor Skroder, are part of the A&E’s Emmy Award winning series “Intervention” and collaboratively they, with the Talent from the show, decided to host an event to help those affected by alcohol and drug addiction. Two of our show’s Interventionists, Ken Seeley & Donna Chavous, are coming from LA and New York and will be guest speakers. The first leg of our tour, “Blueprint for Recovery” will be on Thursday, June 30th, 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is a FREE educational event that will bring awareness, education and resources to health care professionals and the community. Our panelists include Dr. Jim Hall (Epidemiologist from Nova Southern), Dr. Jeffrey Levy (Physician and PhD), James Mokwa (DEA Special Agent), David Scharf (BSO), Paul Faulk (Broward Addiction Recovery Center) and Sean from Safe Call Now. Topics included will be the drug issues here in South Florida, drug trafficking trends, identifying addiction in the work place as well as the assessment, transport and treatment of those affected. There will also be great Addiction Specialists & Resources from our community who will be able to provide information about their services. Not only will this event provide great education to the public but the healthcare providers who attend will also receive 6 (FREE) CEU’s.
Cost: Free - FREE

Viset the postings for this event;

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