Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanks Trinity Air Ambulance International, From Juan and Kelly!

Good morning –

I just wanted to say thank you to Andy & Lisa, the nurses, the Navajo pilot, and anyone else who was involved in getting our employee, Juan, off of the Bahamian island and returned to the US safely last night. You were all an absolute pleasure to work with and thank you so much for being there in our time of need for your fellow aviation partners :).

I spoke with Juan this morning and he is incredibly thankful as well and in great spirits.

Have a great weekend & thanks again!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Greetings and Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance International

Greetings from G. M!

Thank you for all the updates on the transport of our missionaries, Lee and Becky S. I have forwarded the progress reports to our entire divisional staff – everyone continues to pray this last leg goes without incident and that soon, Becky will be in the hands of those at the Hospital. Without all of you folks, this would never have been accomplished. We are all most grateful for the extra efforts we’ve seen coming from Trinity Air.

C. M.

A Great Big THANK YOU to Trinity Air Ambulance Staff and Crew


A great big THANK YOU to yourself, Tristan, and the entire Trinity Air staff for a successful transport of Becky S!!! There are insufficient words to express our appreciation for all that you have done to get Becky back home. I spoke with Jeff earlier this evening; he and the entire family are grateful for all that you folks have done in getting Mom and Dad to Texas.

Blessings to Trinity Air!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Greetings to Trinity Air Ambulance


On this day after Thanksgiving I want to express how thankful we are to have Trinity Air taking care of our emergency medical needs. It is really reassuring to all of us here to know that if a serious situation occurs, we will be taken care of. Many thanks to you and all the staff there.


R. D. E.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A BIG Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance


Good afternoon!

One last email before I leave the office for the Thanksgiving holiday. Given we are “first time” clients of Trinity Air Ambulance, I am amazed at the trust you have placed in us to pay after the fact – especially given everyone else wanted money or an unlimited balance credit card info in hand before doing anything. All the emails detailing everyone’s flight arrangements, times, etc. is greatly appreciated also.

A great big THANK YOU for all you have done to help get L. and B. back to the states at such a low cost. May you and the staff at Trinity have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Carl M.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance, from Colombia

Trinity Air Ambulance at MediHelp

 Hola Lisa and the Trinity Team,

We, and also the medical staff of MediHelp, want to extend our sincere thanks for the great job of your team yesterday in transporting Maurice Marshall back to the States. Everything came off as planned and working with you and your team from the beginning was a great experience. Andy and the others were great during the planning process and we were updated as the flight was en route. Victor and Tom were true professionals in everything that they did. They were extremely thorough, professional, compassionate and friendly. From the moment they arrived they were focused on the patient to ensure that he was well taken care of and comfortable. They worked closely with the hospital medical staff to learn all about the condition of the patient and engaged them to help ready the patient to leave. Victor also reviewed the case with the hospital doctor to ensure they had all of the details. The hospital staff was very impressed with how respectful and considerate Victor and Tom were of the care that the hospital had been providing. All of this resulted in the patient feeling comfortable, well taken care of and transferred in a timely and effective manner.

After they left, the doctor and medical staff all commented, “Wow, that was a great group and we hope that we have an opportunity to work with them again!” They were also very appreciative of the bags and donuts that were brought for them. A professional touch that demonstrated Trinity’s care and respect for all aspects of the patient’s care and caregivers. (Unfortunately, not the same characteristics that have been shown by other air ambulance crews who have provided services in the past.)

Thanks again and we, as well as the hospital, hope that should patients need to be medically transported in the future, we can assist and work with you and your team again. I’ve attached some pictures from yesterday.


D. & B. W.

Trinity Air Ambulance with MediHelp Nurses

Friday, November 9, 2012

Medical Escort: Portugal to Miami

Thanks Andy!

Jack is slowly regaining his strength, and we are just waiting to see a cardiologist for further treatment.

Please let me express our heartfelt thanks to Jennifer for all of her efforts on Jack’s behalf. She was such a wonderful nurse, totally professional, and had such a great calming personality. I believe had she not arrived when she did to rescue us, I would have surely lost my sanity.

In addition to her top-notch care of Jack she was also such a great source of comfort to me. I cannot imagine a better person to work with during this horrible situation than Jennifer. I will always be most grateful for her presence.

Special thanks to your driver who even led us onto the proper freeway so that we could get home and not get lost.

Thanks to all at Trinity for your excellent service and for bringing us home!!!

Nancy and Jack

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance, From Another Satisfied Customer


I just wanted to write and tell you what I a great experience I had with your company! As you may remember, you guys helped transport my father, who has numerous mental and physical complications, from West Palm Beach to New Orleans.

First and foremost, from the initial conversation, your expertise and professionalism was obvious. You presented all the options, but also made an excellent recommendation that was exactly what was needed.

When it came to the execution of that plan, more excellence. The paramedic, Geoff, was amazing. He was kind, patient, and obviously cared that everything went smoothly. At the airport, he anticipated any potential issues and worked with both the airline personnel as well as TSA to get us through quickly and without incident. All the way through, he was vigilant in making sure my dad was tolerating the trip well. Geoff was simply awesome from beginning to end, and it’s worth noting we started out at 4:30 am!

What’s more, the ground transport you arranged both here in Florida and in Louisiana was more of the same excellence and professionalism.

In closing, I simply cannot thank you, Geoff, and everyone at Trinity Air Ambulance enough for your work. It turned a very difficult situation into no worry at all. Thank you so much!

Dan Doskey
A VERY satisfied customer
West Palm Beach, FL

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Huge Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance from HMC

Good evening,

On behalf of Dr. D. and myself we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in today’s disembark. From the start with Dr. B. advising and approving a disembark from a port of call that we all know is difficult and time consuming, to Gabi (who we all love and adore) who kicked things off very quickly, to Trinity who arrived at the island in a lovely sea plane to take our patient back to Florida.

We were only an hour late leaving which I think is amazing and I didn’t get shouted at by the captain which is always a bonus.

Thanks a huge amount.

Dr. D and Rebecca ( lead nurse)

Monday, October 15, 2012

“Thank You For Doing a Fantastic Job!”

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of the efforts and hard work you and your team have done for our family to get my uncle back home safely. The air transport crew is fantastic and on the ball! I did not have a chance to meet tho pilots to thank them too so please pass on our thanks to them also. I come from a family of aviators and live in Pensacola, home of Naval Aviation. My uncle left via ambulance with the crew and I have full confidence in them and pray for the safety of all on board.



Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanks Tom Baldwin, Another Job Well Done

Trinity Air Ambulance - Medical Escort

Dear Thomas Baldwin,

Thanks so much for all your help and caring today getting my mother through TSA and helping us lift mom into her seat on the USAir flight to Charlotte, NC. She is so very thankful.

Mom went directly from the plane into the hospital and is finally going to get the care she needs.

She is being treated for numerous conditions and infections including sepsis/blood poisoning.

Thanks Again
Keven H. Kossler

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

“Thank You For Doing Things the Right Way”

Dear Lisa and Team,

Please accept the thanks of my entire family for the transportation of my wife M. from San Juan, PR last week to Houston Hospice in Texas.

The crew was totally compassionate, efficient, and professional. They literally stayed with M. until she was logged into the nursing station, traveling along with the local EMTs who had to take them back to the Airport for the flight back to Fort Lauderdale.

M. passed away yesterday of pancreatic cancer. Trinity allowed her to be surrounded by family members in a wonderful facility which would not have been available otherwise.

Thank you for doing things the right way.



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Joshua Salman Thanks Trinity Air Ambulance International

Hi Inger Lisa,

I wanted to thank you, Andy, Tor, Lars, Tristan, your whole team and really family for getting us back to SFLA quickly and safely. It meant a lot to our family and you made the entire trip as easy as it could have been. My Dad is in hospice now and is exactly where he wanted to be. We hope all is well with you and thank you again for making this possible.

Best, Josh

Monday, June 11, 2012

Home from the Dominican Republic

Dear Ms. Skroder,

I write to thank you for the textbook service—and more—last week, August 25, 2011.

My co-insured and I had been trying to get our insurance company to respond for six days affirmatively with some help—any help at all—to get us medically evacuated from the Dominican Republic.

Instead, our insurance “service” offered us a veritable rain of “reasons” why medical evacuation, though warranted, was out of reach. We tried for six days to get some help in getting us to a doctor, to get our help with ambulances, and to secure the promised medical evacuation aircraft described in our policy.

In the case of Trinity, working with our insurance, from the moment we reached out to the time we were airborne on route to the United State, just six hours had passed.

The ambulance that we were told would not come for us unless it was cleared through the hotel, arrived at the window of our hotel in four hours. As we were getting into our ambulance, the insurance company called and said no ambulance plane services would leave the US or return because of the weather.

Trinity arranged a clearance through the Hospital for Special Surgery and into the Hospital for Special Surgery something that we were told by our insurance company could not be arranged. The flight was seamless and perfect, though it required ad hoc fixes at every step.

I am a retired United States Foreign Service Officer and have secured or arranged many medical evacuations. I have never seen a better run operation that that offered us by Trinity. Nor have I seen a more competent, caring, and effective crew, especially, in our in flight medical techs, both named Mark. The in flight techs made everything work; for instance, they jury-rigged a coat rack on the Florida tarmac to serve as a gurney so I could get to the men’s room. They got what was the only ambulance service on the island to get to the hotel that, we were told, could not be entered unless the medical director—a woman who had left—had cleared the operation.

In flight, the tech made certain I was kept “ahead of the pain” with adequate and appropriate intramuscular morphine. My vital signs were monitored not-intrusively and meticulously every half hour. I looked at my watch each time. The timing was exact. The care and concern was exceptional.

Trinity somehow got me admitted directly to the Hospital for Special Surgery(I was told it was impossible) and made sure our room would be “private” so that Judge Barnes, my partner and help-mate could stay with me after I was admitted.

I have worked nearly 50 years with military professionals, first in the State Department and then with mid-career officers destined for promotion in every service. None impressed me more than the crew[s] Trinity called on to get me to safety last week.

It is not five days later and it is certain that I will recover. Had I waited for my fully paid insurance company to honor their obligations, I think the outcome would have been problematic.

Thank you is a little light.


J. A. Nathan PhD

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grand Turk to Miami, Florida

My name is Charlotte McGrath on the above date I was airlifted from Grand Turk to Miami Jacksonville Hospital due to a detached Retina I am now recovering back in Scotland having had my operation back home.

I wish to pass on my sincere thanks to Nurse Olivia the Lear Jet crew and ground staff for the care and attention I received throughout my Traumatic incident, the attention was first class all the way and made my time in transit so comfortable and reassuring I cannot praise the service enough (my husband was more stressed than me).

I am now on the mend, sight improving each day so thanks to all mentioned for a great service.

Yours sincerely Charlotte & Bill McGrath

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trinity Air Ambulance: From Cartagena, Colombia to Victoria, TX

OH MY where would I begin to let everyone know how very please and impressed we were with Ahmed and Tristan. They certainly were the A Team when they escorted my Mother-in-law Mary Wuensch from Cartagena, Columbia to Victoria, Texas on February 4, 2012. Mary was very ill and is very claustrophobic but Ahmed and Tristan made her feel comfortable and attended to her with dignity, grace and gentleness all of which is so appreciated as she can be a very difficult person when she’s ill. At one point I was sure we were going to lose Mary as her blood pressure spiked and temperature rose, watching Ahmed and Tristan was like watching a ballet, it was like they anticipated each other’s next move and within a matter of minutes Mary was more stable.

These guys also were very informative and helpful not only to Mary but her travel companion Mike Wiles who is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s and me. Mike would ask and repeat things constantly but both guys would answer his questions without making him feel uncomfortable, this too was much appreciated as he is a wonderful person and loves Mary very much.

As we were in flight after our scare with Mary I told Ahmed and Tristan that drinks were on me when we got her to the hospital in Victoria, but I didn’t feel I could leave her at that time so tried to give each of them money to at least purchase dinner, neither would accept it. Tristan made the comment that “if they accepted money it would feel like a job rather then something they loved to do”. What AMAZING young men you have working for you, they made a very scary experience in to a very pleasant and memorable one!

I’d also like to comment on both the pilots George and Chris as well, again they would answer any questions Mike or I had and was very concerned for Mary as well. We didn’t leave Cartagena until noon and Mike or I never one had eaten, without being asked they ordered sandwiches to be delivered to the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, which I have to say was VERY thoughtful and appreciated.

Please let them know how much we appreciate everything they did and that Mary is finally out of the hospital recovering at home with Mike in constant attendance.

Charlotte Palmer

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thanks From Ivonne

Dear Lisa:

We haven’t been in touch in a while I remember you often and every time, I send you and your staff lots of blessings. You are amazing!

As today is a special day that we dedicate to love and friendship I want to express once again my appreciation for the way in which you handled my mother’s trip to Miami. You were not only professional, effective and efficient, but also, caring. I felt the love of God flowing from you in every conversation. I will always be grateful to God for putting you in our way and to you for everything you did for us.

I wish you all the best on this day and every day of your life.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thanks from Hawaii to New York

Dear Ms. S,

I know my husband sent you a letter today praising Trinity Air Ambulance team and the excellent care he received from them during his medical emergency.

I just want to add that from the moment we received the first call from Inger Lisa Skroder while at the North Hawaii Community Hospital to our arrival at Hospital for Special Surgery in NY I felt that a weight had been lifted from me. She took care of everything – all arrangements, from remembering the soft pillow and personal belongings my husband had with him, to the ambulance trips, to food ready and waiting at the FBO in Oakland, to checking in to ask if my husband was settled in and ok at HSS. Everything went on time and smoothly. And she did it all with concern for both of us, with humor – made us laugh many times – and with unparalleled professionalism.

We felt blessed to have Inger Lisa, Larry, Jonathan, Michael and Kevin in our lives for a very brief but very frightening time. They all made a very difficult situation better.

Thank you.

Elaine J.

Monday, January 16, 2012