Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hilton Head Man Put His Money Where His Heart was for Haiti
Trinity Air Ambulance's medical team evacuated a Haitian Medical Doctor from Port-au-Prince, Haiti the day before his 56th birthday to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for medical treatment following the 7.0 earthquake.
A Haitian Medical Doctor injured in last Tuesday's earthquake in Port-au-Prince was flown via air ambulance to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for medical treatment. The Doctor was severely injured during the earthquake when the building he was in came down on top of him, puncturing a lung, fracturing ribs and partially paralyzing his left arm.
Trinity Air Ambulance's medical team accompanied Doctor Jean Duva out of Haiti on Saturday January 16th, after friends of the Doctor's from Norcross, Georgia contacted Trinity, a Fort Lauderdale based air medical services company. Trinity Air Ambulance coordinated the medical services and the admission to the treating facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Trinity with Skylink Jets, the aircraft operator, preformed the first civilian air ambulance medevac out of Port au Prince, Haiti after the earthquake and completed 10 medical evacuations within the first 48 hours of the earthquake.
It turned out to be an early birthday gift for Doctor Duval as his birthday was on Sunday, January 17th. As of this writing the Doctor remains in stable and improving condition as reported by his family and friends. It will be a birthday that he will never forget.