Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grand Turk to Miami, Florida

My name is Charlotte McGrath on the above date I was airlifted from Grand Turk to Miami Jacksonville Hospital due to a detached Retina I am now recovering back in Scotland having had my operation back home.

I wish to pass on my sincere thanks to Nurse Olivia the Lear Jet crew and ground staff for the care and attention I received throughout my Traumatic incident, the attention was first class all the way and made my time in transit so comfortable and reassuring I cannot praise the service enough (my husband was more stressed than me).

I am now on the mend, sight improving each day so thanks to all mentioned for a great service.

Yours sincerely Charlotte & Bill McGrath

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trinity Air Ambulance: From Cartagena, Colombia to Victoria, TX

OH MY where would I begin to let everyone know how very please and impressed we were with Ahmed and Tristan. They certainly were the A Team when they escorted my Mother-in-law Mary Wuensch from Cartagena, Columbia to Victoria, Texas on February 4, 2012. Mary was very ill and is very claustrophobic but Ahmed and Tristan made her feel comfortable and attended to her with dignity, grace and gentleness all of which is so appreciated as she can be a very difficult person when she’s ill. At one point I was sure we were going to lose Mary as her blood pressure spiked and temperature rose, watching Ahmed and Tristan was like watching a ballet, it was like they anticipated each other’s next move and within a matter of minutes Mary was more stable.

These guys also were very informative and helpful not only to Mary but her travel companion Mike Wiles who is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s and me. Mike would ask and repeat things constantly but both guys would answer his questions without making him feel uncomfortable, this too was much appreciated as he is a wonderful person and loves Mary very much.

As we were in flight after our scare with Mary I told Ahmed and Tristan that drinks were on me when we got her to the hospital in Victoria, but I didn’t feel I could leave her at that time so tried to give each of them money to at least purchase dinner, neither would accept it. Tristan made the comment that “if they accepted money it would feel like a job rather then something they loved to do”. What AMAZING young men you have working for you, they made a very scary experience in to a very pleasant and memorable one!

I’d also like to comment on both the pilots George and Chris as well, again they would answer any questions Mike or I had and was very concerned for Mary as well. We didn’t leave Cartagena until noon and Mike or I never one had eaten, without being asked they ordered sandwiches to be delivered to the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, which I have to say was VERY thoughtful and appreciated.

Please let them know how much we appreciate everything they did and that Mary is finally out of the hospital recovering at home with Mike in constant attendance.

Charlotte Palmer

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thanks From Ivonne

Dear Lisa:

We haven’t been in touch in a while I remember you often and every time, I send you and your staff lots of blessings. You are amazing!

As today is a special day that we dedicate to love and friendship I want to express once again my appreciation for the way in which you handled my mother’s trip to Miami. You were not only professional, effective and efficient, but also, caring. I felt the love of God flowing from you in every conversation. I will always be grateful to God for putting you in our way and to you for everything you did for us.

I wish you all the best on this day and every day of your life.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thanks from Hawaii to New York

Dear Ms. S,

I know my husband sent you a letter today praising Trinity Air Ambulance team and the excellent care he received from them during his medical emergency.

I just want to add that from the moment we received the first call from Inger Lisa Skroder while at the North Hawaii Community Hospital to our arrival at Hospital for Special Surgery in NY I felt that a weight had been lifted from me. She took care of everything – all arrangements, from remembering the soft pillow and personal belongings my husband had with him, to the ambulance trips, to food ready and waiting at the FBO in Oakland, to checking in to ask if my husband was settled in and ok at HSS. Everything went on time and smoothly. And she did it all with concern for both of us, with humor – made us laugh many times – and with unparalleled professionalism.

We felt blessed to have Inger Lisa, Larry, Jonathan, Michael and Kevin in our lives for a very brief but very frightening time. They all made a very difficult situation better.

Thank you.

Elaine J.