Friday, May 24, 2013

A Modest “Thank You” to Trinity Air Ambulance

Dear Inger-Lisa,

This is just a short note to update you and your staff regarding my husband. He has been diagnosed with malaria. He will be here at Jackson North for another two weeks.

Until I can write you a proper letter expressing our gratitude for all that your staff, flight crew, clinical flight team and Dr Levy have done for my husband this modest email will have to do.

I will be in touch upon our return home to Maine.

Most gratefully,

Sue S.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Client Happy to Refer Trinity Air Ambulance Service

Thank you for your good care and concern. He arrived safely last night and probably is a candidate for the procedure. We will keep you posted and hopefully, you and your company will be somewhat responsible for saving his life. Le’ts hope so! He is the only father I have and cherish every moment that I have him.

We will be happy to spread the word and refer you to any of our clients, customers, friends or family.

Thanks again,

D.& J. B.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Greetings to Trinity Air Ambulance – Patient Recovery Update


Greetings from CT. Just an update for you on my Dad. Dad made it though Hurricane Sandy (our beach areas were decimated) and into the winter months before he needed bypass surgery at Bridgeport Hospital here in CT. He was in the ICU for storm NEMO thank God (4 feet of snow all at once, at work 36 hours straight and snowed out of my house for 2 days). He had the beating heart procedure with a triple bypass and he has done well with only a minor bout with pleurisy. He continues to recover not nearly as fast as he thought. He has some residual CHF and shortness of breath and frequently gets tired. He has to contend with the damage done from the 2003 LAD heart attack. This heart attack in 2012 would have been moderate for most people all by itself. It was for this reason, his life was truly on the line when you got to him.

He is alive because of you guys. He can be grumpy all he wants!

He continues to be followed at Dr. Levy’s suggestion, by Dr. Zarich who is the Chairman of Cardiology here at Bridgeport Hospital. Like Dr. Levy (who put the fear of ‘Bajeezus’ into Dad about taking his medicine and being compliant), “Dr. Z” actually has time to spend with his patients because he is the boss and resides in the hospital. This was a good call by Dr. Levy (The Hammer of Thor).

Please continue your efforts to send us a picture of “our crew” with the plane?

My mom is carrying on about that.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers guys.

Continue to be safe and take care of yourselves and YOUR families.

Michael Rickard, BS, PM-Lic.