Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Greetings to Trinity Air Ambulance from the Esh Family

Hi Lisa and Allison!

It will soon be a year that our son Chad was shot in Haiti. We still remember the amazing job you and your staff did for us. We would like to send each of the team a small gift. What address shall we send it to?


Lloyd and Mary Ellen Esh

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Sincere Thank You to Trinity Air Ambulance International

First of all, this note is several years late and for that I have no excuse but I do apologize. On 9 March 2009 while on a construction missions trip to Venezuela I fell off a roof and broke both wrists, both feet, my left tibia and right shoulder. Needless to say I was in trouble and needed to get back to the states where I could be treated. You transported me on 11 March from Caracas to Ft. Lauderdale to Colorado Springs.

Thank you!! You were a life saver. I was drugged up but I do remember a physician and nurse (both male) on board who were superb. If they are still working for you, please give them (and the pilots) my thanks and let them know I have recovered nicely. Though I did not walk for over 3 months and was out of work for nearly 11 months, I am back to running and have no physical limitations. I am back flying 747s for United Airlines. I still have your luggage tag on my carry on bag so I think of your help to me whenever I see that tag.

May all of you have many years of productive service. I honestly don’t know where I would be now if Trinity Air Ambulance had not taken me home.

Warmest regards,

T. L.