Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trinity Air Ambulance Graciously Repatriates Kimberly Man at Reduced Rate

Trinity Air Ambulance assisted Richard Bay, of Kimberley, British Columbia, CAN in returning home after he suffered from multi-trauma to his right leg, caused in a motorcycle accident in Honduras.

Friday, June 6, 2014

"'Thank you' for getting my mom home"

Hi Lisa, Meaghan, Ria, and Dasa

I would like to write this on behalf of my mom, dad, myself and my family to say "Thank you" for getting my mom home. I still pinch myself, because I can't believe that your company opted to provide us with the most affordable service (medical nurse accompaniment) back to Canada, instead of the air ambulance route which would've cost us so much more!

Lisa, I am so grateful for the little pep talk last Thursday (May 29th). This fellow Canadian really needed it!

Dasa was wonderful to be around; I think that if my parents could, they would adopt her! Dasa took great care of my mom and my dad, going above and beyond. She took care of everything and made our trip home a lot easier than I could've ever imagined! She made such a lasting impression with my parents, who took many pictures with her to keep as momentums.

During the day, many people asked me how I came about hiring a medical nurse to accompany us home. It's such a shame that people, including myself were not aware of this service. Knock on wood that nothing happens to us on vacation again, but I know that if I need to get home, I would inquire with Trinity Air Ambulance and their team of experts!

I know that a service was provided and this was business transaction, but I was never made to feel that this was the case. Instead I felt that your team truly wanted to get us home safely, and that everyone that I spoke to was sincere and truly cared about us.
Once again, Thank you for everything!
Best Regards,

Susan Luc

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trinity Air Ambulance Hits Times Square!

Trinity Air Ambulance Advertisement in Times Square

This week Trinity Air Ambulance announced their latest contract with Jackson Health System on the Thomson Reuters Sign located at 43rd Street and 7th Avenue in Times Square.