Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks to Trinity Air Ambulance, From the Archer Family

Dear Lisa,

A small token for your amazing help in flying our Mother (Jessie Archer, Jan 30/09) & Father (Lome Archer, Feb 1/09) home to Canada.

The excellent care you & your team provided to our parents will never be forgotten. Both Mom & Dad have had their surgeries & are recovering well (Mom is still in hospital & Dad is recovering at one of our sister’s home in Hensall).

Please also extend our gratitude to your flying team that made their flights as comfortable as possible. Mom smiles (a lot) when we talk about the handsome paramedics that were with her on her flight home. Dad can’t get over how amazed the paramedics were when they seen Canada with all the snow we had. Dad says how the one young paramedic was taking pictures & talking about how beautiful it was (Dad said he could take the snow back with him to Florida, ha ha).

If ever we could repay your generosity, please do not hesitate to callie-mail.

I truly hope our paths cross again, only on a much happier occasion.

Trudy Archer